Florentine food cooked at your home.

You can watch your food being prepared. 

Conversation meals: eating and talking about food, life in Florence, Italian language and everything italian.

For foreigners living, studying or working in Florence: a heart-warming way to know more closely Florentine life and cooking, an opportunity to practise your Italian as well.

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For information, customized budget and booking:

Tel 055 697050

Cell 339 6508971

E-mail leonardogandi (at) libero.it

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Hi. My name is Leonardo

Hi. My name is Leonardo, I am 51, and my official job is teacher of Italian to foreigners.

Cooking has always been one of my, not secret, passions.

But I am not properly described as a “food maniac”. Nor do I share any “professional chef” style or attitude.

I just like having people sit down and taste the best, simple, various Florentine food.

Hereunder you can see me at the “Market Under the Stars” in Greve in Chianti, selling organic “Claudia” plums from some trees of mine.

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How this works

You contact me. We meet and have a talk. I take a look at your kitchen, pans, knives and things. We decide the menu together. I do the shopping (you can come along, of course).

When the day comes, I ring your doorbell, enter your kitchen and the food-making starts. This can turn into a mini cooking lesson as well. Then I may join you and your company for a “conversation meal”, or not, if you prefer a more intimate, private thing. The cleaning up can be also included.

You are given the recipes to try again yourself.

Special conditions are offered when reserving a set of 4 or more dinners.

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Menus include only Florentine cooking, the traditional one, with some unavoidable personal touch (mine, my mother’s or someone else’s – thank you – lost in my past). 

There are no fixed menus as food is prepared depending on what is in season and your tastes.

An updated list of possible dishes to fancy about and choose is available on request.

At meal’s end, everyone is given a copy of the menu with all the recipes.

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No matter your cooking abilities, without good ingredients, no way.

I personally do the shopping.

Where? I choose markets and shops where the fresher, season, local, preferably organic food is available.

Sometimes I go to nearby farms to purchase special products, or may pick up vegetables in my kitchen garden. 

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In Florence, at your home.

If you wish, I can host you and your company at my place in Settignano, on the hills surrounding Florence.

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Conversation meals

An old Italian proverb says “A tavola non si invecchia” (“At the table with good friends and family you do not become old”).

One can add: sitting down for a meal can start entertaining and meaningful conversation: “and talk”, so the writer R. L. Stevenson, “which is the harmonious speech of two or more, is by far the most accessible of pleasures”.

Life in Florence, Italian language and culture, Italians, are stimulating subjects to explore while sipping a good glass of Chianti. 

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